"The book was absolutely, positively fantastic. I loved it so much. It was probably the best book I ever read. And I've got a name for the wizard, Ozzwald!" -2nd Grade Student

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"I thought this was the best book ever! You added lots of details, action and dialogue.  You also did good pictures. You are the best best writer in the whole world, I know you should be famous some day."

"The first Story World mix-up was great! The wizard's name should be Unknown."

"The Great Story World Mix-Up was the best story because it had all my favorite things. It had dragons and wizards and lots of details. It makes me want to read the other stories."

"The book was absolutely, positively fantastic. I loved it so much. It was probably the best book I ever read. And I've got a name for the wizard, Ozzwald!"

"I think you should add another character and his name should be Bobby."

"I love the way you really told us about what was going on and the way you put everything on puzzle pieces.  You can name the wizard the Haunted Wizard of Mean."

"The book was very detailed, exciting and has lots of action.  It kept me on the edge of my seat. I didn't know what would happen next! I think you should name the wizard Garthon and the dragon's name should be Harpoon." 

"The story was amazing, I really liked the character's names. Good name for the wizard is Evil McEvil. Bad name is cool dude."

"I think it was the best story. I think the Evil Wizard should be meaner and have a pet duck.  Jilly should have a pet fish too."

"I thought the story was cool and she used tiny actions."

"I like how you did more words than drawing because I like to write more than draw. I bet you do too."

"I liked that all the stories were mixed-up."

"You should name the dragon Dynamite and the wizard's name should be Zombie."

"I can't wait until your next book, and oh, I loved the ending!"

"The story was awesome and I also liked the dragon. I liked the pictures you picked for the cover. The cover is so cool, I would agree on that picture!"

"I think you book was phenomenal, I think everybody should read your book."

"All the detail was so great I had my eyes glued on my teacher the whole time she was reading the book."

"This book was great, I loved all the details. The dragon's name should be Fred."

"This book was awesome and sweet.  I love how you put in the dog and all the other characters."

"I thought that Sparky was exciting. Name the dragon Fireball."

"The story was awesome!"

"I thought the stories are very engaging and kid friendly.  I like the humor too.  
I thought that because the characters are well developed. Kids will enjoy being taken on a wild adventure through history!"  -Mrs. Marullo, 3 rd Grade Educator

"I thought the book was very adventurous because going back in time and mixing up dinosaurs and Amelia Earhardt is really adventurous." -Ameen

"I thought the characters had a lot of enthusiasm and they were very adventurous.  You named Penelope Penelope. You chose a really unique name and I liked that." -Ella

"I thought the story was really exciting and I like the characters that Kayla made and her sister.  It was a really interesting story and I'm going to learn more about the dragon."


"I thought the story was adventurous and exciting.  Jilly and Penelope fought off the dinosaur to save Amelia Earhart."  -Student

"I thought the book was excellent and it was really really pushing us to read more of the book and it's very extraordinary." -Kalysta

"I thought the book was exciting and wanted to read more . It's an adventurous, extraordinary fantasy.  It was a great book!" -Owen

"I thought the story was fantastic, funny, creative.  It has really great characters.  They have cool inventions and get to go cool places." -Will

"I thought the writing was awesome! Especially for a 9 and 6 year old and their mom.  It made my imagination fly! I'm now reading all the books.  It's so different from all the other stories, so cool." -Faye

"I thought the characters were very cool.  The book has a lot of detail and is so creative.  I loved it."  -Tommy

"I thought the story was very adventurous.  It is creative and exciting.  Penelope and Jilly unlock and adventurous door and there is a globe but it falls apart so they have to put it back together." -Joe

"I thought the story was an adventurous story. It was extraordinary. It was exciting. I thought that the book was a fantasy.  The characters are funny and creative and the book is fantastic." -Sarah

"I thought the story was very creative and extraordinary.  Penelope and Jilly go,on adventures and I thought that was very interesting."  -Asher

 "I thought the story was exciting and action packed.  When Amelia was caught in the tree that was exciting and titled with the action." -Cooper

"I thought that Amelia Earhart was great!  She was a great person. She gets lost the day before her first flight in this story." -Miles

"I thought the book was adventurous, exciting, creative, fantastic, funny, fascinating, extraordinary and new.  This book really was the kind of book I would like." -Kailey

"I thought the story was an adventurous and extraordinary fantasy. people from long ago meet people from before they were alive." -Collin

"I thought the story was exciting and cool.  I thought that because it was funny and exciting that way." -Student

"I thought the book was exciting and adventurous." -Marina

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“It looks like it will be a popular series and I LOVE the illustrations!” -Laura Williams, UK

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"Finally, something refreshing and new is out there!" -Helen Riesgraf, NY

"You got me with the blurb, I can't wait to read the story!"-Mary LaSita, Librarian