"The book was absolutely, positively fantastic. I loved it so much. It was probably the best book I ever read. And I've got a name for the wizard, Ozzwald!" -2nd Grade Student


Creating illustrations for the Great Story World Mix-Up is a lot of fun.  I studied art at Parsons School of Design in New York City and found I had a natural aptitude for line drawing and graphic illustrations. Typically I will outline a character or a certain action part of the story and trace it in ink. I used to do this alone but Kayla and Ava now do their own ink drawings too.  Then my daughters and I paint them with watercolor. Afterwards the paintings are photographed and manipulated in the computer. We do not use traditional means to do this but instead experiment with all kinds of apps and image mixing programs to create new effects. Finally the images are composited on one of the giant puzzle pieces we created when we wrote the first book.  Some of our favorite images are ones that did not turn out the way we expected!

You can view illustrations from the Great Story World Mix-Up books below.  Touch a picture to get started then follow the slide show.  Hover your finger or mouse on an illustration to read the caption!
When you are done you can click here to color some of our Great Candy Land Caper pictures yourself.

If you'd like to send us your own Great Story World Mix-Up illustrations, puzzle cut outs, stories and ideas click here, we would love to hear from you!

“It looks like it will be a popular series and I LOVE the illustrations!” -Laura Williams, UK

“I love the concept, the characters and the writing. You and the girls did an amazing job.” –Laura Kelly, Educator

"Finally, something refreshing and new is out there!" -Helen Riesgraf, NY

"You got me with the blurb, I can't wait to read the story!"-Mary LaSita, Librarian